About us

Using the most reliable sources on the internet
We want MyMeetingTime.com to be the fastest and most reliable tool to find good times to connect with your clients, customers, friends and colleagues who are located in other time zones around the globe.

To ensure that the times we show are always accurate we use the international standard for timezones - the Olsen time zone database - as the basis for all our times. This database is frequently updated to always reflect the latest changes to world wide time zones. And thanks to the guys over at Geonames.org we get the right time for the right place! The beautiful pictograms are courtesy of Daniel Bruce at www.entypo.com

About us
One day, not that long ago, we had to schedule a meeting with a person in Iowa. The first question was to determine where Iowa actually is... not to mention what time zone! A bit of googling later and lots of counting on the fingers we thought there ought to be an easier, more visual way to display meeting times. While we do like some of the existing services, we just thought them to be too complex. That's why we set out to build this web tool!

Contact us
We would love to hear from you! Either for telling us what you think about the site, requesting new features, reporting bugs or just saying hello. You can reach us on contact [funny looking sign] mymeetingtime.com (where you have to replace the funny looking sign with an @ to prove you are a human, and not some spam bot)